Family Fun Day At Andretti, Park & Play!


It was a fun filled day on November 5, 2016. The German Auto Syndicate hosted a family fun day at the Andretti indoor karting facility.

The day was nothing short of excitement, unlimited game cards provided for the kids and gorgeous eye candy cars for the adults to talk all day about.

Cars where also judged for various categories!

Here are some of the results.

Best Engine Bay 10F155A8-0E4E-4575-902D-D323832CF81E

Best 5er863017A3-B629-44E5-9FF0-C805AE0368DC

  • Best 2 Door 2C551BA9-5C03-494E-8E35-49B69D71C7EF
  • Best In The Crowd 10004445-3D26-4A5D-8D3A-ACD56A1B1811
  • Best Overall A1FB2FBE-068C-4680-AF36-82E6490295F4

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